Chapter 1874: The Awareness One Should Have

Jiang Chen took in the reactions of everyone around him. He had expected that this piece of news would deliver a shock to the human domain.

He saw the disappointment in the great emperors’ faces, especially those who hadn’t reached the peak of their realm. “For those who aren’t quite there yet, there’s no need to be sad.” He smiled faintly. “As long as I have the materials, I can make the Taiyi Skymender Pill en masse anytime. You can come get one from me when you do reach peak great emperor.”

All the great emperors were overjoyed at this, their expressions extending into wide grins.

“Not just you, but your house, clan, faction, sect—whatever. As long as someone reaches peak great emperor and has been approved, they will have the right to receive a pill as well.”

“However.” Jiang Chen’s tone shifted. “I’m not giving the pills away for free. All of you here today, remember this: if you take one of these pills, that means you have the ability to break through to empyrean realm. In fact, you will have a ninety percent chance of succeeding. With great power comes great responsibility. I hope you’re mindful of the fact that you will henceforth become a pillar of humanity and must fight on its behalf. You cannot shirk your duties, no matter when they might call upon you. If you can’t accept this, you should leave immediately.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was cool. “Maybe you’re feeling lucky. Maybe you think you can fool me later on by not doing your best. To that, I can only say this: if you want to be a fence-sitter, you’ll only die faster. No one can preserve themselves in a demonic invasion.

“Your petty trickery and schemes will become meaningless. Demons have never needed human traitors as allies, only slaves and puppets. Unless you are willing to be pressed into that kind of service, your only choice is to shoulder the burden of humanity and fight.” His speech was quite grave.

Everyone sobered up. They could tell that Jiang Chen was far from joking.

“I’ll take a pill then.” Coiling Dragon chuckled.

“My hatred of the demons is unending.” Ji San grinned easily. “I can take a Taiyi Skymender Pill as well.”

As Jiang Chen’s staunchest allies, they’d stayed by his side through thick and thin. No one could doubt their loyalty.

“I’ve been loyal to Veluriyam Capital and the human race all my life. I swear that I will never betray humanity or compromise with the demons!” Emperor Void volunteered.

Many followed his lead. They were all smart enough to know that they had no other choice in the face of the oncoming invasion.

Enslavement by demons would be something that bound them for perpetuity. There was no reason for them to join the demons. Therefore, none of them hesitated at all to make their guarantees.

Jiang Chen accepted one and all. He gave out as many Taiyi Skymender Pills as were required. He’d never thought of keeping them to himself. One of the most urgent things upon his return was to distribute these pills.

The peak great emperors who received these pills were uniformly exuberant. The value of the pill far exceeded their expectations.

Each pill was an opportunity for someone to ascend to empyrean realm. It was an opportunity that these people probably wouldn’t have gotten naturally for the rest of their lives.

“Young lord Jiang Chen, words can’t describe how grateful we are. You’ve toiled so much for the benefit of the human race. We would be craven curs to betray your trust.”

“Indeed. We will use our strength for humanity’s sake as long as we live.”

“We shall follow your orders to our last breath!”

These people wanted to posture a little after receiving the Taiyi Skymender Pills. More to the point, their expressions were largely genuine.

Even Emperor Petalpluck was deeply moved after obtaining a Taiyi Skymender Pill. He had always been rather ambiguous before, much like a fence-sitter.

Because of that, he had been sidelined significantly over the years. Getting this amazing chance to break through to empyrean realm was nothing less than serendipity.

Petalpluck felt mildly embarrassed when he considered his attitude from before.

Regardless of how cold-blooded he may have been, he had to admit that Jiang Chen was more magnanimous than he could ever comprehend. The young man was someone that could only be looked up to.

It was a blessing for Veluriyam Capital to be ruled by one such as this. If Emperor Shura had won the ultimate authority, what would’ve happened then?

There were quite a few who thought the same way. Undoubtedly, they had a great many exclamatory remarks. The years that Jiang Chen had ruled in Veluriyam had changed this place drastically.

They hadn’t even dared think about an opportunity to achieve empyrean realm before, and yet these pills were so numerous and widespread now.

What did that mean? It meant that Jiang Chen didn’t consider these pills very valuable at all.

He had more than enough clout and wealth to easily make gifts of these valuable pills. In other words, he had risen higher than any cultivator in the human domain.

Jiang Chen wasn’t simply the lord of Veluriyam Capital, but the human domain as well. Who could threaten to dwarf him in his realm?

No one whatsoever!

Even the hermit empyrean experts couldn’t shake his position. Jiang Chen was so youthful, and yet he was about to break through to sixth level empyrean.

This prospect alone excited his audience. A leader like this gave them hope for victory in the oncoming invasion.

Emperor Sabledeep received a Taiyi Skymender Pill as well. He was as overcome as Petalpluck had been. He had been tricked into the Order of the Wind and Cloud by a promise of an empyrean opportunity from its late head, but Jiang Chen was the one to deliver, all these years later!

“Young lord Jiang Chen, I hear that a great formation served to crush the demons’ fortunes in the ancient demon-sealing war. Is there a possibility that this formation may be repurposed for our use?”

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