Chapter 1873: Astonishing Good News

Wellspring chuckled and cast an admiring glance at Jiang Chen. “My eyes aren’t as keen because of my age, so I didn’t dare jump to conclusions. However, the young lord’s cultivation has definitely surpassed mine by a great margin. Given the amazing heights he’s reached at such a young age, is it really impossible for him to ascend to divinity?”

The others started. How high was their young lord’s cultivation? They only realized then that they didn’t know the answer.

Nevertheless, Jiang Chen’s presence was terrifyingly strong. Even they, the top cultivators of the human domain, felt the pressure of someone far superior to them. This wasn’t something anyone could fake.

Old Crane had been informed about Jiang Chen’s cultivation, but the cultivators in attendance were still in the dark.

Mo Wushuang laughed heartily. “Young lord Chen, your cultivation is always an enigma. The answer we know now won’t apply in a few months. Since we’re all here, would you mind satisfying our curiosity?”

Jiang Chen didn’t intend to hide it. He smiled slightly. “I’m one step away from sixth level empyrean.”

Sixth level empyrean?!

As experienced as Old Crane and the other empyrean experts were, even they took a long time to recover from the news. Here, most cultivators were at great emperor, apart from a few exceptions. In their mind, empyrean realm was a dream they could never reach.

Mo Wushuang and Wellspring, who’d ascended to second-level empyrean, were already untouchable in their eyes. They were the stars, a goal to strive towards for the rest of their lives.

On the other hand, Jiang Chen was one step away from sixth level empyrean after only a few years! It felt like a story out of the books.

Emperor Coiling Dragon couldn’t contain his excitement. “Sixth level empyrean? Heavens, young lord, if my memory serves me right, you only just entered great emperor when you departed, right? The rate at which you progressed at is unbelievable. We all pale in comparison.”

“That’s right. It’s… almost out of the realm of possibility. Young lord Jiang Chen is known for being an extraordinary genius. I only know now how true the statement is. Even every cultivator in the world combined can’t rival half your talent.”

“The human domain is immensely fortunate to have you.”

“With your talent, young lord, you’re bound to reach godhood in the future and grace the human race with your existence. You’ll become a symbolic figure!”

Everyone was in high spirits. The human race had stubbornly persevered through the ages only because of geniuses whose talent astounded the world. Every time the human race was in danger, great heroes would emerge to save the day and deliver the fate of humanity.

This era belonged to Jiang Chen. He was the genius the human race had been waiting for since a couple hundred thousand years ago.

Anticipation washed away their pessimism. They had thought the human race couldn’t possibly make a comeback, but now they believed there was a ray of hope—Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen met their hopeful gazes head-on and responded at a deliberate pace, “Everyone, a couple geniuses do not a prosperous time make. Everyone has to work together to build our future. The human domain is weak now, but that’s fine. We can change that. I’ve brought something with me from Myriad Abyss that can make you stronger.”

Every pair of eyes lit up with anticipation. What was Jiang Chen referring to?

Mo Wushuang and Wellspring had received the best gifts from Jiang Chen. The others, of course, looked forward to what their young lord would give them.

Jiang Chen swept his gaze through them. “I noticed that some of you are at peak great emperor or half-step empyrean, but struggle to make the breakthrough. I’ll help you overcome that bottleneck with what I acquired in Myriad Abyss—the Taiyi Skymender Pill. It can bridge the gap between great emperor and empyrean.”

The Taiyi Skymender Pill!

Jiang Chen had a good number of the pill in his possession. He’d kept some for himself when he refined the pill for the Eternal Sacred Land.

Then he’d been permitted by the venerated forefather to take some Taiyi Dragonscale Fruits from the sacred land’s vault due to his contributions in eliminating the rebellion.

More importantly, he had been gifted more fruit for helping the Martial Sacred Land defeat the rebels. He now had an abundance of ingredients to refine the pill.

“Every peak great emperor will be given a Taiyi Skymender Pill today,” announced Jiang Chen.

The crowd perked up.

Jiang Chen was quite known for his pills in Veluriyam Capital. The Pinecrane and Longevity Pills, followed by the Emperor Supremacy and Ascension Pills, were all highly praised for their quality. Even the pickiest person couldn’t spot any problems with Jiang Chen’s work.

A pill from Jiang Chen’s hands was the guarantee of quality.

Emperor Coiling Dragon was thrilled. He was close to reaching peak great emperor, while Ji San was at half-step empyrean.

If Ji San could get his hands on a Taiyi Skymender Pill and ascend to empyrean at such a young age, a brilliant future would be awaiting him.

The peak great emperors couldn’t be more excited. Despite their cultivation, none of them believed they could ascend to empyrean. That would require the blessing of heaven, which was a golden ticket one chanced upon rather than earned.

Not everyone was lucky like Mo Wushuang and Wellspring. Not everyone was blessed by the goddess of fortune. But then opportunity had fallen into their lap! Every peak great emperor would receive a Taiyi Skymender Pill today!

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