Chapter 187: The Weird Sect Disciple (Teaser)

Chapter 187: The Weird Sect Disciple

When Jiang Chen arrived at the Qingyang Valley location in the capital with Tang Long and his wife, Tang Long’s face turned green as he read the words “Qingyang Valley” on the sign.

“Qing… Qingyang Valley?” Tang Long stammered as his legs were like they’d been staked into the ground, unwilling to take a single step forward. He looked at the sign with trepidation, as if the sign would eat him.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Chen thought his reaction was a bit odd.

Tang Long had a rueful look on his face, “Brother, just where do you come from? Your methods are simply too out there! This is the Qingyang Valley location, aren’t you afraid of being kidnapped to be a medicine servant for them because you brought me here?”

“A medicine servant?” Jiang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The most senior leader of the Qingyang Valley, old man Fei, was now rightfully and properly his medicine servant!

Jiang Chen hadn’t really wanted that to happen, but it’d been old man Fei who’d begged him with a thick face.

So, snatch him to be a medicine servant? Old man Fei would first need to have the guts to accept him as one!

“Don’t worry, would I sell you out?” Jiang Chen smiled....

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