Chapter 1869: The Incredible Sir Ji San

Naturally, Madame Yun was far less proficient in martial dao than Mo Wushuang, but that was exactly why she could make such bold predictions free from the restraints of logic.

Mo Wushuang rooted all of his speculations in logic, which limited his imagination. As a result, he never foresaw that Jiang Chen’s cultivation would progress so quickly, ascending from great emperor to mid empyrean in only a few years.

It didn’t seem at all plausible, but nothing was impossible when it came to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen called Mo Wushuang his brother, which showed his appreciation for the man. Mo Wushuang was dependable like Forefather Embittered Bamboo was. That was why he had always been generous with Mo Wushuang, prioritizing the expert whenever he had something good to share. That hadn’t changed.

The Grand Ascension and a Crowning Empyrean Pill were of course gifted to Mo Wushuang. On top of that, Jiang Chen also gave him five empyrean decrees, two of which were mid empyrean decrees for future use.

Mo Wushuang would one day build his own faction and gather his own confidantes. The empyrean decrees would be the best tools to win people over.

In comparison, Wellspring and the Jiao brothers of Mt. Huai didn’t receive any empyrean decrees, but Jiang Chen wasn’t going to let them know that.

Still, they were given a Crowning Empyrean Pill and The Grand Ascension. Jiang Chen also gifted them each a weapon he’d looted from his enemies. He’d fought and killed many empyrean experts, which yielded him a good number of empyrean items and even a few demigod ones.

Mo Wushuang received a demigod level longsword, which he took an instant liking to.

The four men were the highest level cultivators in Sacred Peafowl Mountain at the moment. The resources they received would further push them forward, which was what Jiang Chen wanted.

Right after that, Cloudsoar Monarch reported back. “Young lord, every great emperor in Veluriyam Capital has gathered here and is awaiting your summons.”

Jiang Chen clasped his hands and laughed. “Great! Let me see for myself how much the capital has progressed during my absence.”

He was in a fabulous mood.

As expected, many more great emperors had emerged, amounting to more than a few hundred.

It wasn’t that impressive compared to Myriad Abyss, but before his time, there had only been seven or eight great emperors. Now, after only a few years, the number had jumped by a great margin, a highly pleasing development especially since many of them were young cultivators. It meant that the capital had indeed grown qualitatively more powerful under his rule.

The older cultivators such as Emperors Coiling Dragon and Void had both reached half-step empyrean like Emperor Sabledeep, which made it clear how good a cultivating environment Jiang Chen had created for them.

Youths from each major faction were on the rise as well, which Jiang Chen was glad to see. He was especially thrilled that young master Ji San had emerged again with a cultivation close to reaching peak great emperor, soon to catch up with Coiling Dragon.

He was a step from ascending to empyrean. Even better, he was likely to make the breakthrough on his own without any outside help.

The dragon blood essence had stimulated Ji San’s true dragon bloodline, which helped restore his heritage memory and stimulated ancestral characteristics to manifest in him. His dragon bloodline had grown significantly more potent.

“I didn’t judge you wrongly, Brother Ji. You are indeed the pride of true dragon descendants. I believe you’ll be a shining star in the human domain one day.”

The one most pleased with Ji San’s outstanding performance was Emperor Coiling Dragon. His family had started out as a mere clan, and only developed into a great emperor faction in recent years.

Some factions in Veluriyam Capital still disapproved of the Coiling Dragon faction, thinking they were on equal footing with other great emperor factions only because of Jiang Chen’s favorable treatment. They believed the clan owed all its success to its good fortune and were very jealous.

However, ever since Ji San returned from his journey, he’d proved himself to the entire capital with his cultivation and character. Even those who were jealous had to admit the young man was on track to great success.

People had to be assessed with new eyes after a period of change. There was no denying that Ji San had earned his spot under the limelight.

Ji San was thrilled to be complimented by Jiang Chen. There was a time when the two of them called each other brother. Jiang Chen had helped him greatly during his rise to success.

“Young lord Chen, the best thing that has ever happened to me is you,” Ji San said passionately. “We used to call each other brother, but you were more like a master to me.”

Ji San wasn’t going to keep calling Jiang Chen brother. There was too wide a gap between their status now.

Even Emperor Coiling Dragon called himself Jiang Chen’s subordinate. Despite Ji San’s usual disregard for formalities, he was going to address Jiang Chen with the utmost respect when powerful experts like Coiling Dragon deferred to Jiang Chen. The young master would only be attracting disapproval if he addressed Jiang Chen like they were equals.

Jiang Chen could read Ji San’s thought from his excited expression. He smiled and patted Ji San on the shoulder. “Keep up the good work. You haven’t reached your limit yet. Don’t ever grow complacent. Remember, the true dragon bloodline is one of the most powerful bloodlines in the world.”

As Jiang Chen’s old friend, Ji San was of course going to receive his share of resources as well, but this wasn’t yet the time to give out rewards. Jiang Chen patted his shoulder again and they shook hands.

That simple gesture was enough to make the other factions envious. Jiang Chen treated Ji San better than he did all of them.

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