Chapter 1863: Returning to the Human Domain

He could have instantly gone back to Veluriyam Capital’s six palaces of heritage through his spacetime seal, but chose not to do so. He wanted to familiarize himself with the transportation formation and check its integrity.

More importantly, the Vermilion Bird and Long Xiaoxuan would’ve been forced to stay if he used the spacetime seal.

The six palaces of heritage didn’t permit non-sealholders to enter, unless some secret method was applied to them similar to the primordial golems’ one. There was no need to come up with such a convoluted plan simply to travel.

“Young master Chen, when will we return to Myriad Abyss Island after this? Little White is still cultivating in that mountain. We won’t leave him there, right?” The usually silent Long Xiaoxuan spoke up.

Though he loved to compete with the absent tiger, the beastly duo appreciated each other as rivals. They wouldn’t want anything to happen to each other.

Jiang Chen sighed softly. “The border between the human domain and Myriad Abyss will grow fuzzier in the future. According to my research into Divine Abyss history, the two will slowly become one once again.”

“Oh? Why do you say that?” The Vermilion Bird knew how things had been back in ancient times, so it was rather curious why Jiang Chen was making this claim.

“It’s the sign of the times. No one can change what destiny has decreed.”

At the other end of the formation, Jiang Chen and his friends were back in the human domain once more. His feet landed on the stones of the Celestial Cicada Court once again.

As he strode with confidence upon the earth of his homeland, he felt like he was in another lifetime. It hadn’t been even five years since his departure from this place, and yet it felt like centuries or millennia had passed.

His trip to Myriad Abyss seemed like a dream, illusory and indistinct, but like it’d really happened as well.

Over the past few years, things in the human domain had settled down. The scenery he saw in the Celestial Celestial Court’s territory as he traveled impressed him. Man and beast alike lived in peaceful flourishing.

Jiang Chen felt a painful tug on his heartstrings.

“Will the human domain remain this serene in two or three decades? Will its people be able to enjoy the same tranquility they are now?”

The demonic invasion was only a matter of time.

Whether the human domain could be spared from it depended entirely on whether Jiang Chen could successfully reactivate the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement.

If he could, the human domain would probably be spared from calamity.

However, the strength of the demonic invasion was a factor as well. If the demons came from the other connected domains and territories, the human domain wouldn’t be able to avoid the invasion.

Obviously, that was the worst possibility.

Jiang Chen would never allow something like that to happen.

The young man decided not to disturb the head of the Celestial Cicada Court, Su Huanzhen. Their familiarity and her friendliness would mean he would be kept here for a while. He didn’t want to trouble her with extra work.

Still, Jiang Chen knew he would be a frequent visitor to the place in the future. The locations of the transportation formations were fixed. As one end of the formation, the Celestial Cicada Court would be an important strategic position in the future.

Before he left, he’d already brought calm to the human domain.

The incursion of the Embittered Savage Tribe had been stopped, and the Order of the Wind and Cloud eradicated. The human domain was allowed to rest because Sacred Peafowl Mountain was at its helm.

Though Jiang Chen hadn’t appeared personally for several years, that didn’t lessen the faction’s influence over the rest of the world.

The first thing he did was inform Huang’er, Dan Fei, and his daughter that he was back.

Huang’er and Ling Bi’er had returned to the human domain a step ahead of him. The former was already conducting herself like the young mistress of Sacred Peafowl Mountain.

In this department, Dan Fei was strangely tolerant. In fact, she’d seemingly abdicated her own authority in the matter. After experiencing so many things, the sharp edges in her nature had been largely worn away.

Moreover, she knew that Huang’er and Jiang Chen were the partners that truly shared one love. She loved Jiang Chen dearly, but had only ended up with him through happenstance. His daughter was the bridge that allowed her to connect to him.

Thus, she had always felt somewhat guilty towards Huang’er.

Jiang Chen secretly returned to Sacred Peafowl Mountain without alarming anyone. Only his family greeted him.

He was reunited with the most important people in his life once more. Of course, his closest companions and friends knew of his reappearance as well. The Ling sisters, for example.

Their father Ling Su had been overjoyed at Ling Bi’er’s return to the human domain, since he’d felt culpable for her disappearance. He believed that it had been a failure of his responsibility in fatherhood that had taken her away from him.

Thus, Ling Bi’er’s sudden emergence back into his life excited him tremendously. Ling Hui was ecstatic to rediscover her sister as well.

The great strides Ling Bi’er had taken in cultivation astonished her father and sister. She was far stronger than Palace Head Dan Chi had once been, back at Regal Pill Palace.

Dan Chi himself had been shocked as well. The Regal Pill Palace was still being rebuilt. Though the building was itself complete and improved, it yearned for talent. Many of its original geniuses had died, and though it had taken in new ones, few were worthy of passing on its heritage.

Mu Gaoqi and Shen Trifire were two, and Ling Hui’er added half to that number. Now that Ling Bi’er was back and stronger than ever, Palace Head Dan Chi was almost tempted to pass on his position onto her immediately.

However, Ling Bi’er had no interest in it. She cared only about her family, her sect, and the heritage.

She had kept Jiang Chen’s involvement a secret. Not that she had anything bad to say about him, but she believed she had such a duty of secrecy. Even if his exploits were to spread across the land in the future, she wouldn’t be the one to do so.

Her return strengthened and invigorated Regal Pill Palace all at once. In the human domain, it was coming close to being a first-rate faction.

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