Chapter 1862: Departure

In Myriad Abyss Island, seniority mattered. Though Yan Wanjun had seen better days, Imperial Prince Huo and the Rejuvenation Isles couldn’t take him lightly because of that.

Moreover, Jiang Chen’s meteoric rise had propelled the old man back to prominence. That kind of side effect was completely unavoidable.

In front of Yan Wanjun, the imperial prince couldn't take a hardline stance.

Chief Warden Ding transmitted, “Your Highness, Winterdraw Island is already lost. We can’t change that. This Sir Jiang Chen managed to turn the tide of a war in Eternal Divine Nation, then put on a similarly marvelous performance in Martial Divine Nation. Rejuvenation can’t afford to anger someone like that. I think we should give up pursuing this matter. Let us make peace rather than draw trouble for our nation.”

Imperial Prince Huo hadn't considered the warden’s advice before, but he needed to do so now.

After a long while, he laughed wryly before proclaiming, “If Sir Jiang Chen has taken over this place, Rejuvenation is honored by your presence. We are willing to give up all claims here. Still, I have a small request I would like to make.”

“What is it?” As an elder, Yan Wanjun was much more amiable than Jiang Chen. Since Imperial Prince Huo had conceded the point, he found no reason to press the other man.

Whether Rejuvenation had given up Winterdraw or Jiang Chen had taken it, the island had a different owner from now on. The Rejuvenation Isles would no longer have a say in its affairs.

“If Sir Jiang Chen has decided to settle here, we will be neighbors from now on. Rejuvenation would greatly appreciate if the young sir could take care of us if the opportunity arises. We very much enjoy his presence.”

What the prince meant wasn’t hard to understand. Anyone would want help from a powerful neighbor. This was a request to hug Jiang Chen’s thigh.

“Oh, I don’t think that’ll be any trouble.” Yan Wanjun smiled faintly. “Sir Jiang is hardly cold enough to deny reasonable requests. I should mention that unreasonable ones however, will be met with attitude in kind.”

Imperial Prince Huo fearfully affirmed this.

“Alright, your excessive activity out here has made Sir Jiang Chen quite displeased already. You may go.” Yan Wanjun waved a hand.

The imperial prince nodded incessantly. “Yes, yes. I will leave right away. We’ve been disturbing Sir Jiang’s cultivation.”

He signaled to Rejuvenation’s men, who all collectively breathed a sigh of relief before fleeing from the scene as quickly as possible. After finding out Jiang Chen’s identity, they’d never even imagined resisting him. That was practically impossible!

When it came down to a choice between the easy way and the hard way, the latter was essentially suicide.

Yan Wanjun had mixed feelings as he watched Imperial Prince Huo’s retinue depart. He sighed internally. “Here in Myriad Abyss, young Jiang Chen has already become someone unrivaled in his generation. Will little Huang’er really be able to keep up with him?”

However, his thoughts turned for the better. “Thankfully, he is a loyal man. He and Huang’er have known each other since the human domain, and he hasn’t abandoned her despite all the ordeals. The amount of care he’s shown for Huang’er’s parents shows that he truly loves her. One couldn’t ask for a better dao partner.”

He told Jiang Chen about the happenings outside after returning to the island’s interior.

“Rejuvenation has the face to ask me to take care of them?” Jiang Chen sneered. “I faced certain death back then on Winterdraw. These isles are a hive of scum and villainy. I’ve no intention to retaliate for wrongs so far in the past though, I suppose.”

Yan Wanjun roared with laughter. “I knew you’re a generous sort! You wouldn’t stoop to their petty level.”

Jiang Chen’s mouth twitched a little. Instead of confirming this, he asked, “Elder Wanjun, when are you planning to make the trip to House Yan?”

“As soon as possible. Each extra day that Huang’er’s parents are kept in the Boundless Prison represents a great deal of risk. The more I can minimize that, the better.” The mention of his younger son moved Yan Wanjun. He had been furious at his son all those years ago, since his choice of dao partner was the only reason House Xiahou had for its enmity against House Yan.

It was youthful recklessness that had turned the young lady from House Xiahou against his son. The Generation Binding Curse cast upon Huang’er, still in the womb, had been for the same reason.

Though Huang’er’s parents were cast into the Boundless Prison, the Xiahou lady’s fury still didn’t relent against their child. She didn't want the baby girl to grow up with a happy fate.

Now that House Xiahou was no more, Yan Wanjun suddenly felt he owed his younger son far too much. 

The betrothal between House Yan and Xiahou had been the result of a joke between seniors, a product of a drunken stupor. His younger son, Yan Qianfan, was naturally extremely displeased at such an incidental decision once he grew up.

He wanted to decide for himself who he would marry.

That was the reason he had fled so desperately from his house. The engagement with the young lady from House Xiahou had been a debt from his elders, ignored with the heady abandon of youth.

Before he left, Yan Wanjun gave Jiang Chen some well-meaning advice. 

“Jiang Chen, there is no need to make an enemy of the Rejuvenation Isles–even if you don't want to be their friend. Your goals should be loftier than that. The support of Rejuvenation alone doesn’t amount to much, but unified support from many like it would be considerably weighty in its own right. If you can win over the majority, who in Myriad Abyss will be able to deny your greatness?”

Yan Wanjun wanted only the best for his son’s friend. Jiang Chen smiled ambiguously; he knew the usefulness of popularity quite well. However, Rejuvenation had made such a terrible impression on him back then that he didn't want to excuse them.

After sending Yan Wanjun off, Jiang Chen instructed Lu Che in careful detail, “After I leave, you lot will be responsible for guarding this place. When the formation is active, any non-divine outsiders will be stopped cold. Even gods would find it difficult to break open this restriction in a short period of time.”

Lu Che thumped his chest. “Don’t worry. We’ll take good care of this place.”

They were very excited to receive Jiang Chen’s trust.

After a few cursory preparations, Jiang Chen prepared to return to the human domain through the transportation formation.

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