Chapter 1861: Imperial Prince Huo is Stunned

Jiang Chen’s name had reached even the most marginalized factions, let alone a decently powerful one like Rejuvenation Isles. They weren’t clueless about the politics of the Ten Divine Nations. 

Quite the contrary, they paid a lot of attention as they’d always wanted to become a second rate faction. Thus, they knew the recent developments in the Eternal Sacred Land well.

In truth, the rebellion in Eternal was no secret to people from all parts of Myriad Abyss Island. It’d sparked countless discussions. Tales about the sacred land had also spread like wildfire.

After all, the way the Eternal Sacred Land had turned things around was dramatic and thrilling.

As the star of the story, Jiang Chen had become a household name. It was no wonder that Imperial Prince Huo would be overwhelmed when he heard the young genius was the island lord.

Chief Warden Ding’s face turned green. He silently sighed in relief that he’d wisely refrained from speaking up. If he’d clashed with the man and broke into the island in the heat of the moment, there would be nothing left of him to bury by now.

Meanwhile, Imperial Prince Huo’s face was ashen. He struggled to find the words to make up for his previous remarks.

After a long pause, he took a deep breath and raised a cupped fist salute. “Do you mean the reknowned young master Jiang Chen from the Eternal Sacred Land?”

“What do you think? Is there anyone else who’d dare use his name?” Lu Che snorted gleefully. It was cathartic to see the imperial prince’s cautious reaction.

Imperial Prince Huo shuddered. He and his fellow cultivators had marched into Winterdraw Island fiercely and gotten in formation to reclaim the land. However, all will drained out of his body the moment he heard the name Jiang Chen. Them attacking the island? They’d sooner be squashed like a mantis trying to stop a carriage!

Jiang Chen had destroyed Eternal’s House Xiahou, which Rejuvenation couldn’t even get close enough to please. And yet, the mighty family had easily fallen apart at Jiang Chen’s hands. It was impossible for Rejuvenation to reach that level.

Therefore, even someone as proud as Imperial Prince Huo didn’t dare provoke Jiang Chen. He knew Winterdraw could no longer have anything to do with Rejuvenation.

He cupped his hands. “I’ve always admired Sir Jiang Chen. I would gladly let him take over Winterdraw Island. My friend, may I request for a face-to-face meeting with your master? It’d be an honor for me and my lowly subordinates to witness the grace and charm of the young genius from Eternal.”

It was a foregone conclusion that Winterdraw was completely out of their hands, but the imperial prince still wanted confirmation. If the island lord was indeed Jiang Chen, who Rejuvenation couldn’t afford to offend, it wouldn’t be that humiliating for the imperial prince to forfeit.

Lu Che threw Jiang Chen a conflicted glance. Jiang Chen shook his head coolly. Winterdraw Island and Rejuvenation Isles had left him with too many bad memories. He wasn’t interested in satisfying the imperial prince’s request.

“Imperial Prince Huo, my master isn’t in the mood to take visitors,” Lu Che said faintly. “You should keep this knowledge to yourself.”

The imperial prince hesitated. If Jiang Chen didn’t make an appearance, Rejuvenation would be mocked for being scared away by the mere mention of his name. Should he, or should he not leave?

What if the man was playing a trick? What if he’d made up Jiang Chen and everything else?

Imperial Prince Huo would then become a laughingstock for fleeing from an imposter. His reputation would never recover.

Jiang Chen didn’t care what the imperial prince wanted. He waved a dismissive hand. “You deal with it. I’m not interested in anyone from Rejuvenation.”

Yan Wanjun sighed softly. “Let me take care of it.”

Lu Che relaxed when the venerated elder volunteered. The old man could very well represent Jiang Chen. Everyone knew Yan Wanjun was close with Jiang Chen, since the elder’s granddaughter was Jiang Chen’s dao partner.

“Imperial Prince Huo, my master isn’t interested in meeting you, but a widely respected senior can exchange a few words with you. This senior used to be a prominent figure in Eternal Divine Nation. He’s the former venerated elder of House Yan, Yan Wanjun!”

Yan Wanjun was highly regarded in the jianghu. His past glory wasn’t news to even those from Rejuvenation.

After all, there were less than a hundred first tier factions in the Ten Divine Nations, and House Yan was one of them. Yan Wanjun had been the house’s venerated elder for a long time. Not even the patriarch surpassed him in age or experience.

Yan Wanjun’s descendants were also a hot topic of Myriad Abyss. Imperial Prince Huo knew a thing or two about him.

Yan Wanjun had a powerful presence cultivated from his time as the venerated elder of a first tier faction. He hovered in the air and boomed, “All of the formations and restrictions on the island had been destroyed. Sir Jiang Chen put in a great deal of effort to restore them and make them even better. The island has now been branded as his. The division of territories in Myriad Abyss is always changing. Winterdraw used to be yours, but is now Jiang Chen’s. This is something no one can change!”

Those from Rejuvenation had given up as soon as Yan Wanjun showed up. They’d wondered if they were tricked by an imposter, but speculation had been proven wrong. Imperial Prince Huo knew about Yan Wanjun and Jiang Chen’s relationship. He no longer doubted the island lord’s identity.

“Elder Wanjun, my apologies for any offense I may have caused.” He immediately became the epitome of courtesy.

Yan Wanjun smiled. “There’s no need for pleasantries. Sir Jiang Chen doesn’t care for that. This island is his now. Return to your isles and don’t ever bother him again. Sir Jiang Chen has mercifully forgiven you for your reckless behavior, but if you do anything foolish again, you’ll end up like the rebels in Eternal and Martial Divine Nations.”

That was more effective than any threat.

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