Chapter 1860: Fighting Over Territory

Jiang Chen cast his gaze over the group of cultivators and saw a good number of familiar faces. Imperial Prince Huo of Rejuvenation was here, as well as the former chief warden of Winterdraw.

He remembered both men very well, especially the chief warden. That man appeared the sincere sort, and yet he’d committed unimaginable deeds just so Rejuvenation could get on Polylore Divine Nation’s good side.

One of Imperial Prince Huo’s underlings raged, “And who the hell are you? Don’t you know Winterdraw has always been part of Rejuvenation territory? You squat on our land! How dare you shamelessly claim to be its owner?”

Lu Che knew enough about Winterdraw to retort with a scoff. “Ever since disaster befell it, the island has been a no man’s land. Rejuvenation has long given up your ownership over the island. My master is the one who restored Winterdraw’s formations. Of course he’s the rightful ruler. What does it have to do with you?”

Jiang Chen looked at Lu Che appreciatively. The elder had spoken his mind for him.

Imperial Prince Huo’s face clouded over and he glanced at the chief warden. “Chief Warden Ding, this is your jurisdiction they’ve infringed on. Are you going to let them challenge your authority like this?”

Chief Warden Ding frowned as he considered the restrictions on the island from afar. He wasn’t in a rush to respond.

He was a smart man. As the former chief warden of the island, naturally he could tell the differences in the island’s formations. The restrictions had been adjusted significantly, and the island’s defenses noticeably improved.

As a whole, protections over Winterdraw had been strengthened exponentially, which gave him pause. He’d never managed to upgrade the restrictions during his long years as the chief warden. No one in Rejuvenation could.

These men had come out of nowhere to occupy the island and, in a very limited period of time, not only restored the restrictions, but also improved upon them. 

Therefore, he was hesitant. Where were these people from? Could Rejuvenation afford to offend them?

Imperial Prince Huo’s expression darkened with the chief warden’s silence. He sneered, “It seems that you’ve lost your edge after what happened to Winterdraw, Ole Ding. Don’t you even have the courage to defend our territory now?”

Chief Warden Ding sighed and transmitted, “Your Highness, we don’t know who our enemies are. They were able to gain control over the island in such a short time. This is a warning sign.”

Imperial Prince Huo wasn’t going to listen. He scoffed. “I have thousands of elites with me, and we’re in Rejuvenation territory. What’s there to worry about?”

Chief Warden Ding shut his mouth with an impassive expression. He knew the imperial prince wouldn’t change his mind no matter what he said.

Ever since what happened to Winterdraw, Rejuvenation had grown biased against him. He was here only because he used to be the island’s chief warden. Otherwise, Rejuvenation would never assign him any tasks of any importance. 

Imperial Prince Huo looked at Winterdraw with an icy gaze and boomed in a powerful voice, “I am the imperial prince of Rejuvenation. Winterdraw has always been part of our territory. Unfortunate disaster has hit the island, but that doesn’t mean we’ve given up our ownership over it. It’s already an outrage for you to exploit our plight without warning. Now that its rightful owner has come, are you going to refuse to surrender it and instead rob us of our land?”

Lu Che guffawed. “What was yours isn’t always going to be yours. If I remember right, you now own many lands that didn’t belong to you thousands of years ago! Nothing is constant in this world. You should focus on defending your little plot of land, Imperial Prince Huo, and don’t bother with Winterdraw Island. My master has a temper. If you continue to spout off nonsense at our doorstep, he’s going to be displeased.”

Imperial Prince Huo flew into rage. Who the hell were these people? How dare they act so boldly in Rejuvenation’s territory? Didn’t they recognize Rejuvenation’s authority?

“Your master is here? Good! I want to talk to him in person. I’d like to see who he is and why he’d dare rob us of our properties.”

“Your properties? Is there anything that belongs to your imperial family on the island? Do you think you’ll own the island forever just because you’ve once lay a finger on it? How naive and laughable of you!”

Lu Che wasn’t a man who talked of reason. He’d beat anyone at their own game in making shameless claims.

Imperial Prince Huo raged. “Just who are you?! There isn’t anyone as unreasonable as you are in the area. Tell your master to face me himself. I have a lot of things to say to him. This island is ours. Even if we file a lawsuit to the senior executives of the Ten Divine Nations, we will win the case!”

“Who is my master?” Lu Che broke into laughter. “Imperial Prince Huo, your precious Rejuvenation is nothing in Myriad Abyss. You want to file a lawsuit to the Ten Divine Nations? My master can do that for you. He has many friends in the divine nations.”

“Friends?” Imperial prince wasn’t convinced. He scoffed. “Who is he friends with? Name a few for me. It’s easy to make outlandish claims. I can say all the figureheads of the Ten Divine Nations are my brothers! Hahaha!”

He clearly didn’t agree with Lu Che.

Lu Che turned to look at Jiang Chen, who gave him a nod, agreeing to reveal his identity.

Lu Che had known who Jiang Chen was beforehand. With his master’s permission, he coldly said without hesitation, “Don’t be scared when you hear who he is.”

Imperial Prince Huo laughed heartily. “If your master truly is someone important, I’d gladly bow down to him in submission.”

“My master is Jiang Chen, the top genius of the Eternal Sacred Land who single handedly turned the tide of the war in Eternal Divine Nation. Does he deserve your submission?”

His words exploded in Imperial Prince Huo’s ears.

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