Chapter 186: Spots in the Maze Realm Autumn Hunt

Chapter 186: Spots in the Maze Realm Autumn Hunt

Tian Shao saw that Jiang Chen looked a bit lost. He hadn’t been in the Skylaurel Kingdom for that long and likely had no prior knowledge regarding the Maze Realm Autumn Hunt, so Tian Shao explained, “The Autumn Hunt is a festive occasion for the practitioners of the Skylaurel Kingdom. It’s held once every five years. Almost all the practitioners at the level of true qi master and above will be participating.”

“What’s so special about it?”

“This Maze Realm is a very special place. Only the Precious Tree Sect has the coordinates of its entrance. But even with the coordinates, it isn’t something that the Precious Tree Sect can open whenever it wants to. The Maze Realm is typically open once every five years. If you don’t leave the Maze Realm within a month, then you’ll be trapped in it forever.”


“Yes.” Tian Shao nodded his head resolutely. “Forever.”

“Doesn’t it open once every five years? There’s still a chance of making it back alive then?”

Tian Shao smiled, “Absolutely not. This is because the space within the Maze Realm is different every time. The Maze Realm has existed within the Skylaurel Kingdom for several hundreds of years and its interior design has never repeated itself. This means that the Maze...

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