Chapter 1859: An Unwelcome Guest

They arrived at Winterdraw Island without incident. Lu Che and the others were surprised by where they were going.

“Master, isn’t this Winterdraw of the Rejuvenation Isles?” Lu Che was experienced enough to know where their path led to. Moreover, Warmspring Island wasn’t far from Rejuvenation Isles. They could be considered neighbors.

Jiang Chen smiled coolly. “Rejuvenation no longer rules over Winterdraw Island. I, Jiang Chen, am the island lord now, and you, its founding elders.”

His tone was completely serious.

Lu Che and the others were astounded. Why was their young master so interested in the island? 

Of course, they weren’t going to question Jiang Chen. He could easily kill them with a single thought.

Once they entered the coast of the island, Jiang Chen could tell that all the restrictions were still intact. No unwanted visitors had foolishly barged in lately.

Yan Wanjun, who’d been tasked to defend the island, was thrilled to see Jiang Chen return. He’d been paying a lot of attention to the young man lately. After all, the fate of Yan Wanjun’s descendants lay with the young genius.

He was surprised to see the group of men Jiang Chen brought with him.

“Elder Wanjun, they used to be expert law enforcers of Warmspring Island, but they’re now part of us. We’ll all be working together from now on.”

Yan Wanjun was glad that Jiang Chen had brought such experts into their fold. It wouldn’t hurt to have new members to strengthen the island.

“This is Yan Wanjun, former venerated elder of House Yan,” Jiang Chen introduced. “You know him, right?”

A venerated elder from a first tier faction in Eternal Divine Nation far surpassed Warmspring’s senior executives in both status and power.

“It’s an honor to meet you, Elder Wanjun.” Lu Che and the others obediently bowed to Yan Wanjun.

“Fate has brought us together. There’s no need for such formalities.” Yan Wanjun turned to Jiang Chen. He’d been on the island for a long time and knew nothing about the outside world. “Young master Chen, what’s happening in Myriad Abyss? Has there been an uprising in Eternal Divine Nation?”

Jiang Chen smiled slightly. “Rebellion broke out in all ten divine nations at almost the same time. However, fate wasn’t on their side and they failed to topple the foundations of the ten nations. Although the uprisings haven’t been completely quelled, they will be soon. The rebellion won’t stir up any more trouble.”

“How is House Yan?”

Jiang Chen snorted. “I gave them an opportunity to redeem themselves. I hope they treasure it. They are to rescue Huang’er’s parents. If they fail, I’ll take matters into my own hands. However, that would lack of devotion on their part. I won’t go easy on them.”

Jiang Chen had only forgiven House Yan because they were Huang’er’s family. He didn’t want Huang’er to be completely at odds with them if he could help it. He wanted her to be happy. Therefore, he wished to resolve the issue properly.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have a lot of time. He had to return to the human domain as soon as possible.

There was a portal on the island, which made Winterdraw the perfect operation base connecting the two regions. It was to his great advantage to control the island.

“You people should stay here to assist Elder Wanjun. What do you say?”

Hesitant, Yan Wanjun spoke up in a low voice, “Jiang Chen, I’m still worried about my family. I don’t think House Yan will be able to rescue Huang’er’s parents from the Boundless Prison under the leadership of that incompetent patriarch. I believe I should do this myself. It’s my son who’s suffering. I haven’t been a good father all these few years...”

Yan Wanjun was earnest. Jiang Chen thought for a moment and nodded. “Alright, I won’t argue with that. With your help, House Yan stands a much better chance of rescuing Huang’er’s parents.”

“I’m going as well!” exclaimed Yan Qingsang.

Yan Wanjun shook his head. “Stick with your brother-in-law. Myriad Abyss isn’t at peace. You’re only going to drag me down.”

He wouldn’t sugarcoat his words to his grandson.

Yan Qingsang slumped. Jiang Chen chuckled. “Brother Yan, the spirit veins on the island have been slowly recovering after the formation was reactivated. It’s not a bad place for you to cultivate. You won’t be of much help if you go with your grandfather. You might as well stay and focus on improving yourself.”

“What do you mean? Are you not bringing me to the human domain with you?” Yan Qingsang rushed out. “Let me tell you something, you’re not going without me!”

Before Jiang Chen could respond, the restrictions surrounding the island were triggered. He received the warning in his consciousness and snapped, “Someone dares barge into my island?”

Winterdraw Island was now his personal territory. The formations, spirit veins, and everything else all belonged to him, the island lord. He wouldn’t allow any trespassers.

“Come, let’s go take a look.” Jiang Chen motioned at Yan Wanjun and the Warmspring elders to follow him. They rushed to where the restrictions had been triggered.

It was easy for people within the formation to see what was happening outside, whether it be invasion of powerful foes or other unusual events.

A large group of airboats were hovering at the fringe of the island, ready to strike at any moment. They were no friendly visitors.

Jiang Chen scoffed at the sight.

“Master, these airboats belong to the Rejuvenation Isles’ elites,” said Lu Che. “It seems that they are well-equipped, but Rejuvenation isn’t a particularly powerful faction in Myriad Abyss.”

“Ask them what they’re here for,” Jiang Chen orders calmly.

Lu Che nodded and exclaimed from the opening of the restriction, “Do you not know the rules of jianghu? What punishment do you think you deserve for trespassing into the restricted areas of our island?”

Those from Rejuvenation exchanged a confused look. Had they heard the man wrong? Since when had Winterdraw Island become someone else’s territory? Wasn’t the island theirs?

They’d long abandoned the island, considering it a worthless piece of barren land, but they recently received news from their scouts that Winterdraw had been restored to its vibrant past and the restrictions reactivated.

Of course Rejuvenation was unhappy. They couldn’t accept that the trash they‘d discarded had become a treasure again after being picked up by someone else.

That was why they’d come barging in with aplomb. They were here to reclaim their territory!

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