Chapter 1858: The Key to the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement

Prime Puresmoke occupied a rather lofty position in the Martial Sacred Land. There was no reason for her to renege on the promises.

However, the divine forefather who’d instigated the rebellion remained.

The Martial Sacred Land wished for the Vermilion Bird to lend its aid once more in order to hunt down the enemy leader in tandem with the sacred land’s own.

The bird didn’t mind the idea, but the rebel divine forefather was cautious and alert enough to flee at the first sign of danger. When a god wanted to retreat, it was impossible to stop him.

So the Martial Sacred Land’s rebellion was over, but a snake in the grass remained. Not that the sacred land was afraid of it, since it had a god of its own.

At the celebratory banquet, Jiang Chen mentioned the matter of the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement once more. The sacred land was quite cooperative in this regard, leading him to its libraries and fully offering all relevant information.  

After reading through everything, Jiang Chen had to admit that the Earth Bodhisattva Sect did contribute the most back then. The part it had been responsible for was the most difficult and complex part. Its historical status as the foremost ancient formation sect wasn't an empty name.

After memorizing the mysteries relating to the formation, Jiang Chen had a better idea of how it functioned overall.

The Martial Sacred Land was exceptionally courteous to him, the divine forefather included. Aside from the Taiyi Dragonscale Fruits he’d wanted very much, the Martial Sacred Land gave him a plethora of other valuable spirit herbs, including the components for his Crowning Empyrean Pill.

These herbs were even more scarce than the Taiyi Dragonscale Fruit.

As a faction famous for its cultivation of spirit herbs, the Martial Sacred Land’s gifts in this category were incredibly high in quality. Jiang Chen was very well pleased with what he received.

Finally, the sacred land foisted a large sum of spirit stones upon him.

He never turned away spirit stones. He would only be worried about not having enough, rather than having too many. The Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement needed to be constructed soon. Without enough spirit stones for it, setting up was impossible.

The amount of stones he had right now was only a drop in the bucket. A handsome addition to his finances was more than welcome.

As for exactly how many spirit stones the formation required, Jiang Chen didn’t know as of yet. He was sure of one thing though: he couldn't possibly obtain that many stones himself, unless he became the strongest and most important person in Divine Abyss Continent.

After solving the Martial Sacred Land’s dilemma, he didn’t stay long despite their efforts to keep him.

Prime Puresmoke spearheaded the attempt to persuade him to stay. Her admiration of Jiang Chen seeped through her words and actions. She almost seemed to want her dearest disciple, Holy Girl Yu Ling, to become his dao partner.

But Jiang Chen had no intentions of forming that kind of bond. He was most anxious about returning to the human domain to see how it was doing.

It had been quite a while since his departure. He missed home.

He returned to the Eternal Sacred Land and related all he had seen and thought about to the venerated forefather.

“Since you come from the human domain,” the venerated forefather mused, “you have a great burden upon your shoulders. The Eternal Sacred Land will not think any less of you for your origins. In fact, we once migrated from there a long ago as well. Our missions simply differ. 

“However, Divine Abyss’s future rests upon Myriad Abyss. If our coordinates here don’t remain hidden, there will be an endless stream of offworld rogues and invaders. The demons in the ancient times were only part of one group among many.”

The venerated forefather having approved his plan, Jiang Chen had no obstacles in returning to the human domain. The three primes certainly couldn’t object.

“I only have one demand of you, Jiang Chen.”

“Please go ahead, venerated forefather.”

“As long as you don’t forget that you are a member of the Eternal Sacred Land, that will be enough.”

“Don’t worry, venerated forefather,” Jiang Chen asserted. “In my life, I won’t do anything that harms the Eternal Sacred Land. If the sacred land happens to need me one day, I will offer it everything I’ve got.”

Though his stay here hadn’t been long, he respected the place and the faction.

After settling his affairs at the Eternal Sacred Land, Jiang Chen was ready to leave. The situation in the Ten Divine Nations was clearing up. Most rebellions had been utterly crushed.

Though Myriad Abyss’s strength had weakened overall, the unity between its factions had improved—especially internally within the divine nations. 

After the calamity of the civil wars, the remaining factions within the nations were close-knit with their respective sacred lands once more. Though it appeared the island had lost a number of powerful experts, it had actually gained in combat ability and camaraderie.

Jiang Chen took Starfate to the Bluesmoke Isles. The guys he’d picked up from Warmspring Island were still hiding here. He wanted to take them to Winterdraw.

Though they’d been pretty bored during their stay, the cultivators had remained loyal. None of them had run away. There was no longer any need to hide his identity with these men. When he revealed who he was, the cultivators became even more subservient.

The men from Warmspring Island were led by Lu Che. They were uniformly quite capable. In particular, Lu Che was a real advanced empyrean expert.

Jiang Chen and his men left Miracle City, finally setting sail for Winterdraw.

Myriad Abyss Island in general hadn’t been peaceful recently. Starfate was targeted by hooligans several times, but they couldn’t possibly threaten Jiang Chen. He didn’t even need to fend them off himself—his subordinates took care of the small problems that arose.

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