Chapter 1854: The Dreamhaze Sect Surrenders

“Grandpa!” A panicked voice came from the air. Meng Qianqiu’s body shook, and he couldn’t help but cry out, “Tianxing!”

He wouldn’t mistake the voice of his grandson anywhere. It really was him; Meng Tianxing was definitely here somewhere! Meng Qianqiu’s eyes searched the skies.

In the far distance, the air rippled continually until it finally burst forth like an enormous bubble. Two figures emerged from the commotion. Meng Tianxing was one of them.

“Tianxing, are you…” Meng Qianqiu was cut off when he saw the second person. There was another young man with a half-smile behind his grandson, restricting Meng Tianxing’s every move.

The young...

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