Chapter 1851: A Perfect Ambush

In this world, there was such a thing called soul lamps. Not every cultivator had the right to have one tailored to them, but most important cultivators possessed one.

When Forefather Goldenbell’s lamp shattered, the rebel leaders knew of it immediately. However, the three demigods actively silenced the news after a covert discussion.

Alas, bad news from House Yuchi slammed into them right after. The rebels really felt the pain this time.

Meng Qianqiu and the other demigod forefather tried to plead with the Yuchi forefather to prioritize the bigger picture. Perhaps the news that House Yuchi had been assaulted was false.

But why would he listen to them? The house was where his roots lay. Without it, what did the bigger picture even mean?

He was adamant on departing.

Finally, they came to an agreement that the Yuchi forefather could return with a few elites in tow. The house’s main force would remain...

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