Chapter 1850: According to the Plan

They’d raided two major factions by now, each backed by a demigod forefather.

Prime Puresmoke was in very high spirits. She was no longer her cold, demure self. This unorthodox method of doing things was an exhilarating way to vent her feelings. She’d never experienced this thrill before.

The plan they’d settled on didn’t involve attacking the rebels directly. Even counting the Vermilion Bird and Long Xiaoxuan, two humans and two beasts couldn’t take on tens of thousands on their own.

Instead, they sought to relieve the pressure on the sacred land by attacking what the rebels held dear.

The factions that had demigod forefathers were prioritized to force their return. When they did, Jiang Chen and Prime Puresmoke would have a much wider range of options.

They could ambush Meng Qianqiu of the Dreamhaze Sect or House Yuchi’s forefather. In fact, they could take on both. After all, they would be concealed while their enemy was out in the open. The...

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