Chapter 185: First Prince Ye Dai Seeks an Audience?

Chapter 185: First Prince Ye Dai Seeks an Audience?

Although the Long family had been thoroughly cowed and suppressed, Gouyu still held deep enmity towards the Long family. The existence of Long Juxue was absolutely a thorn in the side of the headstrong Gouyu.

This thorn had always made she who possesses proud self esteem feel ill at ease.

Although Gouyu had never mentioned it, she’d never been willing to accept and concede defeat in the face of Long Juxue’s constitution. What kind of basis was that for the sects to look at Long Juxue with different eyes?

She was going to prove that she, Gouyu, was just as good!

She didn’t have abnormal potential, but she had an even more resolute heart of martial dao that would make up for it.

Jiang Chen looked at this serious woman and suddenly felt a few stabs of being unable to look on further. This woman was a princess and could’ve stayed within the Eastern Kingdom to continue and enjoy the lofty and luxurious treatment provided to the royal family.

However, she had followed him without hesitation and become his follower.

What did she want? Breakthroughs in martial dao, naturally.

Jiang Chen wouldn’t deny that Gouyu felt dependence, gratitude, and even some vague emotions between man and woman towards him. However, Jiang...

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