Chapter 1848: Toying with Meng Tianxing

Elder Liang shivered with fear. He’d heard the rumors of Prime Puresmoke’s strength, but the pressure from the woman before him was ten times more intimidating.

Face to face, she was plainly far above him.

“H-honored Prime, I… I…” the old man’s lips trembled. “I…”

“You what? You were talking a pretty talk now, weren’t you? What were you going to do with my disciple and me? Well, I’m here now, aren’t I? Show me.”

The elder was positively ashen. He slapped himself harshly. “Madam Prime, I was a fool. A real fool! I had eyes but did not see Mt. Tai. Please don’t stoop to my level, and have mercy on the young master.”

“Mercy on your young master?” Above, Jiang Chen laughed. “His appetite is pretty incredible for one so young. He has such malicious delusions, yet you’re begging on his behalf? First Prime, the Dreamhaze Sect’s head Meng Qianqiu must be an old bastard. How else does one explain his grandson’s awful behavior?”

Elder Liang’s voice quavered. “W-who… who are you?...

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