Chapter 1847: Slipping Into the Dreamhaze Sect

Elites of the Dreamhaze Sect had joined the rebels in attacking the Martial Sacred Land, leaving their home base vulnerable.

The Goldbiter Rats were a slippery bunch. They came back with the information Jiang Chen needed not long after.

“Young master Chen, the head of the Dreamhaze Sect has a direct grandson. The boy is in the sect, but has two eighth level empyrean personal guards at his side. They seem to be the sect head’s deathsworn, and have been tasked to keep his grandson safe.”

Jiang Chen smiled slightly and asked, “Do you have an exact location?”

“Yes,” the rat king responded with confidence. “I’ve planted a few rats around the area. As soon as you draw close, you’ll notice.”

Jiang Chen turned to Prime Puresmoke. “Will you be joining us, Prime Puresmoke, or leaving it to us?”

The rebellion was Martial’s own responsibility. It’d be unbecoming of her to...

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