Chapter 1846: A New General Plan

The demise of Forefather Goldenbell gave Prime Puresmoke great boost of confidence. She understood that the youth before her really had the ability to change the tide of the war. He wasn’t all the way there yet, but no ordinary man would be able to command both a vermilion bird and a true dragon.

Nevertheless, she was assured that he would prevail. The success of the Eternal Sacred Land was plenty of evidence that this cooperation would potentially be a turn of good luck.

The sacred land would be rescued from danger, and their Taiyi Dragonscale Fruit would drastically increase in value. It was two birds with one stone.

The only thing required as compensation was a copy of an ancient text, worthless in the hands of any other.

After the terms were discussed, the two parties drafted a strategy.

They came to an agreement that the enemy leaders needed to be dealt with first and foremost. If the three other demigod forefathers could be slain—or even just two—the...

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