Chapter 1843: A Connection With The Earth Bodhisattva Sect?

Within this inner sanctum, Jiang Chen finally laid eyes upon the Martial Sacred Land’s Taiyi Dragonscale Fruit. There was only one specimen of the spirit herb.

It had blossomed and grown a smattering of offshoots. This allowed it to produce quite the formidable amount of fruit. Jiang Chen marveled at the sight of the plant. He had seen other occurrences of the spirit herb before, but a specimen that could bear this much fruit was exceptional, even for him.

“This is a natural wonder.” He clucked his tongue as he examined it more closely. “It’d be hard to find another just like this anywhere else. A priceless treasure! Prime Puresmoke, the Martial Sacred Land should definitely protect and cherish it, lest a treasure be wasted.”

“Of course.” Puresmoke smiled and nodded. “What do you consider the quality of this fruit to be, Sir Jiang?”

“Upper rank, I believe.”

“Not supreme?” The prime was mildly disappointed.

“Supreme rank is attained only through...

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