Chapter 1842: Gratitude of Rescue

The rebel army had been destined for collapse since the moment of Forefather Goldenbell’s demise.  

However, the sight of an army ten thousand strong being steamrolled by one man and two beasts was still astoundingly impressive. Of course, only two hundred or so were actually empyrean experts. The rest were a more standard composition of great emperors and emperors.

Even the ten divine nations couldn’t indiscriminately recruit only empyrean cultivators.

Though this was Myriad Abyss, the number of empyrean cultivators was limited all the same. They were a valuable resource.

Among those two hundred empyreans, most were only initial empyrean. Cultivators who could reach mid empyrean generally became executives. Advanced empyrean experts commanded respect even from their executive peers.

With Eternal Divine Nation as an example, even a house as strong as House Xiahou only had ninth level empyrean realm cultivators as their venerated elders. Many of...

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