Chapter 1841: A One-Sided Slaughter

The Vermilion Bird utterly destroyed the rebels’ organization with its consciousness, leaving them in shambles after a few rushes. All the survivors could think about was how to flee from the valley. They cursed at themselves for having only two legs and not being able to run faster.

“Xiaolong, it’s your turn!” The bird cackled and called out for Long Xiaoxuan.

The dragon perked up and, with a whip of his body, brought up a great tornado of wind and cloud. An endless dragon roar pierced through the sky, the call differing greatly from the bird’s shriek.

The air around him converged and swept through the void like an infinite array of furious waves. This was a technique unique to the true dragons.

The sound roiled continuously and built upon itself, hammering upon every cultivator’s eardrums like cracks of thunder. It was inhumane torture to the rebels.

The roar assaulted their senses, consciousness, and organs with the intensity of a mallet and...

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