Chapter 184: Five Dragons Opening Heavens Pill, Finally Entering the Spirit Realm

Chapter 184: Five Dragons Opening Heavens Pill, Finally Entering the Spirit Realm

The power of the Five Dragons Opening Heavens Pill was indeed violent and fierce. Even with Jiang Chen’s directions, the power of martial dao formed into an assault that was practically a huge explosion within his body.

One had to say, the pain brought to the human body from this kind of assault was quite frightening.

Even with Jiang Chen’s firm foundation in the true qi realm, he was still in so much pain from this kind of assault that his forehead broke out in cold sweat.

It was as if his vital organs and entrails were being churned to pieces and reformed, before being churned to pieces and reformed once again.

This cycle repeated itself as five tyrannic surges of power rampaged through Jiang Chen’s system.

Time passed day by day amidst this neverending cycle.

As time progressed, Jiang Chen became used to the pain brought by this assault. The five rampaging sources of strength were also slowly tamed and gradually quietened within Jiang Chen’s body.

As for Jiang Chen’s dantian, it had already turned into a grey cloudy ball, as though it was a sea of stars within the boundless void, giving one an ethereal feeling.

Jiang Chen observed himself internally and knew that the initial steps of the pill’s modification of his body had been completed. The fledgling form of an ocean of qi had formed within his dantien.

“Hmm, the indomitableness of this ocean of qi is not bad.” Jiang Chen probed a bit and discovered that grey, foggy ocean of qi seemed to contain a powerful force.

Jiang Chen opened his eyes, disbelief written all over his face. “Who would’ve thought that assailing the spirit realm would be so easily successful!”

It was indeed easier than Jiang Chen had thought. Although the force from the Five Dragons Opening Heavens Pill had been strong, but it’d only put Jiang Chen through trials by pain, instead of bringing him any legitimate danger.

The most important thing was, Jiang Chen had thought he needed to be behind closed doors for a while, but from the time he had taken the pill to when the ocean of qi initially formed, it had yet to be seven days.

“It seems that less time was needed than I’d thought?”

Jiang Chen was quite satisfied with the results of his closed door cultivation this time.

‘Who would’ve thought that I was still in the true qi realm before closed door cultivation. Seven days later, I’m truly a spirit realm practitioner now.”

Jiang Chen was different from other practitioners. Most couldn’t even begin to imagine the path that ordinary practitioners would have to take to transmute true qi into spirit.

However, Jiang Chen had the memories from his past life and aid from a heaven-defying pill like the Five Dragons Opening Heavens Pill. These dual advantages made it so that he didn’t need to experience the progression of half step spirit realm like many other practitioners.

He was a spirit realm practitioner in both name and strength now.

Although his spirit ocean has just formed, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that thanks to the pill forging this spirit ocean, his level may not be strong, but he was absolutely at the pinnacle in terms of potential.

“The spirit ocean has formed, it’s as if wings have been added to my back. Now, I must elevate my other areas.”

“The arts of God’s Eye, Ear of the Zephyr, and Boulder’s Heart are all progressing steadily. Now that I’ve entered the spirit realm, greater efforts are naturally needed before my goal can be attained. The four great arts that I couldn’t train before entering the spirit realm can finally be mastered now!”

Jiang Chen was happiest about being able to train “Psychic’s Head”.

This was the most important art amongst the four supplementary ones in the “Moonshatter Flying Daggers”.

It could be said that “Psychic’s Head” combined the mysteries of the previous three, concentrating the seven senses of the human body into one. After aggregating mental strength, all seven senses undergo a breakthrough to resonate amongst one another, thereafter pursuing the realm of the illuminated seven senses.

If he succeeded in his training, then his might would be doubled as though adding wings to a tiger.

The most important thing was that he’d be able to practice attacking with the mysteries of the “Moonshatter Flying Daggers”.

“So it turns out that Psychic’s Head uses the spirit strength within the body to stimulate the seven senses and form the perception of illuminating them. This is an amazing art indeed.”

Jiang Chen felt that this art was absolutely marvelous as he started training it.

“The Psychic’s Head elevates the five senses of the human body to seven senses, then forms a resonance between them. In this way, even if I’m in the midst of a blazing fire, sunken in the deep sea, or trapped in the great abyss of the earth, I can still move as though I am walking on land with no obstacles at all.”

The Psychic’s Head meant that any of your senses could be employed as you wished, as if it had its own consciousness and heart.

After three more days, Jiang Chen once again took inventory of his gains.

“Very good, God’s Eye and Ear of the Zephyr have all repeatedly broken through after my breakthrough to the spirit realm. They’re already at the ninth level, whereas Boulder’s Heart has also reached the fifth level. Psychic’s Head has actually cracked open the door to the second level after three days!”

Jiang Chen was very satisfied with what he’d reaped.

“This is not bad. My current condition makes me completely eligible to practice the great techniques. The lowest requirement of the great technique of the ‘Moonshatter Flying Daggers’ is that God’s Eye and Ear of the Zephyr must all be at level seven, Boulder’s Heart at level five, and Psychic’s Head at level two.”

“Now, apart from the Psychic’s Head having just reached the requirements, the other three have greatly exceeded their requirements. It’s time to practice the great techniques!”

Jiang Chen had discovered that although he had many ways to attack, he was still a bit short in terms of being able to dish out fatal blows.

This would resolve a situation as urgent as fire singing his eyebrows.

“Great techniques at an initial stage of power -- Flying Eagle Form, Pouncing Tiger Form!”

There were two great techniques at an initial stage of power for Jiang Chen to choose from. The Flying Eagle Form pursued the bizarre and unpredictable, whereas the Pouncing Tiger Form sought for domination.

“They’re both great techniques at an initial stage of power. I should probably learn both of them.” Jiang Chen thought as he began to study the mysteries of the two.

The Flying Eagle Form mandated comprehension of the mysteries of wind, since it used the rhythm of wind to inflict bizarre and unexpected injuries.

The Pouncing Tiger Form on the other hand, emphasized the unbridled fierceness of water. It was as if the surging waves and sea were pouncing like a springing wolf, completely swallowing the opponent.

“If these two great techniques are matched to each other, they would complement each other quite well.” Jiang Chen discovered that the creator of the Moonshatter Flying Daggers had been truly thoughtful, as the two great techniques at the initial stage of power actually complemented each other.

An absolutely wondrous innovation suddenly flashed through Jiang Chen’s mind.

“Mm? When I train the Divine Aeons Fist, one of my hands is the moon and the other is the sun. Would there be a completely different effect if I combined the meaning of the Divine Aeons Fist with these two great techniques? Flying Eagle with the left hand, Pouncing Tiger with the right hand. They will be just like the moon and sun. The opponent will surely not know how to defend against this kind of attack!”

This sudden thought greatly piqued Jiang Chen’s interest.

At this moment, he was like a fierce beast that wasn’t choosy in his hunger. These martial techniques were his prey and food that he was greedily taking in.

Another half a month passed by…

“Hoo! It looks like there are many changes along the path of martial dao. One cannot remain the same forever. The two great techniques of the initial stage of power can be used individually and can be combined after the changes I’ve made. When these two are combined however, their power will be equivalent to a great technique of intermediate power!”

Jiang Chen was overjoyed. With his knowledge of martial dao, this kind of experimentation was but a small effort.

“If the current me met those Northern Palace disciples, I should have been able to kill them within seconds. Even if I met that Liu Can, I still have a seventy to eighty percent chance of defeating him if I combine the great techniques!”

Jiang Chen was hugely confident.

Jiang Chen reconsolidated his grasp of the Divine Aeons Fist and Vast Ocean Current Splitter next. After entering the spirit realm, all his martial techniques had once again been improved in all aspects. In particular, attack power had undergone titanic changes.

“Tutor Ye gave me the Skylaurel Kingdom Medallion most likely because he was entrusting some sort of hope to me. However, his words were true. I, Jiang Chen, am myself. I don’t need to curtail my actions because of anyone. I should do whatever I think is right. What need do I have to concern myself with other people’s thoughts? So what of the first prince? What of the Northern Palace? Why should I, Jiang Chen, accommodate these people? From now on, I will trample whoever becomes a stumbling block or an obstacle on my path of martial dao!”

After breaking through to the spirit realm, Jiang Chen’s confidence had increased by quite a lot.

By this time, Jiang Chen had remained behind closed doors for a full month.

“Young master, you’ve emerged from closed doors?”

“Young master!”

Jiang Chen’s gaze swept across his followers one by one. “Alright, good, it looks like you guys haven’t slacked on your training during this time since you’ve all improved.”

Xue Tong in particular hadn’t let Jiang Chen down. He had broken through to the ranks of true qi masters as he’d hoped.

“Xue Tong, I’m in awe of your potential. I will work hard to fight to be the second person to break through to the realm of true qi masters!” Guo Jin was loath to lag behind.

In this month, Guo Jin, Wen Ziqi, and the Qiao brothers had all broken through eight meridians true qi and entered nine meridians.

The other three were a bit slower in comparison, but they could enter nine meridians true qi at any time.

When he heard Guo Jin voice such lofty and aspirational words, Qiao Shan called out, “Yo, Guo! Number two’s definitely mine.”

“Don’t forget me, Qiao Chuan!”

Although Wen Ziqi didn’t say much, her beautiful eyes also shot out a thick sense of competitiveness.

“It’s good that you have the heart to compete. But, you’re also brothers. Remember to compete in a friendly way and bear your limits in mind.” Jiang Chen warned.

Xue Tong smiled, “Be at ease young master, I’ll keep my eye on them at all times.”

Gouyu also smiled, “If this bunch of hooligans dare rebel, I’ll be the first to destroy them.”

Ever since Gouyu had become Jiang Chen’s follower, she had done an outstanding job in handling both internal and external affairs. This made Jiang Chen feel a bit embarrassed.

“Gouyu, come with me for a second.” Jiang Chen beckoned and led her to the secret chamber.

“Jiang Chen, you…” Although Gouyu had an open and forthright personality, the space with the secret chamber was narrow and confined. This made her feel a bit ill at ease.

“What’s this stammering about you and me? You’ve lingered long enough at eleven meridians true qi. What thoughts do you have with regards to the comprehension of the spirit realm?”

A light shone in Gouyu’s beautiful eyes. “Jiang Chen, do you mean to give me pointers?”

“Are you still that martial dao-holic Gouyu? Do you have no confidence when no one gives you pointers?”

Gouyu’s full chest puffed out. “Jiang Chen, don’t you underestimate me. I’ve never given up training in martial dao. I, Gouyu, will become a spirit realm practitioner! I’ll prove to those sects that I, Gouyu, can still enter the spirit realm even without their resources! I’m not the slightest bit inferior to those so-called innate constitutions.”

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