Chapter 1839: The Prime and the Holy Girl

In the valley outside the spirit herb fields, the rebel army was assembled like an impenetrable matrix. No entrance or exit was permitted.

Though Forefather Goldenbell and the seven most important leaders had left temporarily, their lieutenants still remained. The army’s morale was very high. They plainly didn’t know about their leaders’ demises yet.

The Martial Sacred Land only had roughly two thousand stationed at the spirit herb base. Though they were all elites, their absolute number disadvantage meant that they didn't have the forces to spare on a breakout effort.

However, they weren't going to try to escape even if they could.

Their only mission was to protect these spirit herbs. If this place fell to the rebels, what good was their safety?

Relying on the terrain and formation to defend to the last was the common understanding of all the cultivators who remained here.

But the army outside pressed down on their nerves as much as it did on their...

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