Chapter 1838: Destroying Forefather Goldenbell

Forefather Goldenbell instantly felt an indescribable pressure. It transformed into an intense sense of danger, as if he was straddling the border between life and death.

An expert’s instincts were very sharp. As soon as the forefather saw the Vermilion Bird cut in suddenly, he realized that there might be a trap involved. Rather than attempting to catch the dragon, he tried to retract his enormous golden bell with hand seals to shore up his defenses.

However, Long Xiaoxuan reappeared once more as he tried to do so. This time, the dragon’s body was several times bigger. He encircled the golden bell relentlessly, trapping it with his  coiling ability. 

Forefather Goldenbell’s summons were met with dull thuds. Though the bell tried to move in the direction of its master, it did so at a snail’s pace. It would be of zero help in defending him.

The Vermilion Bird wouldn’t pass up such a golden...

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