Chapter 1836: Prey Approaches

“How dare you!” Forefather Goldenbell raged, glaring hotly and aiming his demigod aura at the cultivators coming his way.

He was no pushover. He wouldn’t allow anyone to lay a finger on or get a share of what he’d set his eyes on. The dragon was his, and his alone!

The others had come to an understanding beforehand. It infuriated them that the forefather would threaten them with his aura. They shouldered the force between themselves without missing a beat and quietly persevered.

The forefather was caught off guard. He’d thought they’d lose their composure and scatter once he struck, getting some of them to flee and leaving the others behind, but they’d already formed a united front, aiming to challenge his authority!

The forefather levelled them with a cool stare. “What is this? Are you openly defying me?”

“Don’t say that, forefather. We followed you out of goodwill. We’re in the same...

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