Chapter 1835: Forefather Goldenbell’s Selfish Motives

The rebel leaders seemed to absolutely hate the Martial Sacred Land. There was no hint of fear or respect in their words. Forefather Goldenbell was all the more exasperated for it, however.

His sources had informed him over the past few days that the Martial Sacred Land had already sent out various requests for help.

Though the ten divine nations’ sacred lands openly competed with each other in various ways, they were also intimately interconnected in some ways. The Martial Sacred Land, for example, was on very good terms with several other sacred landsone of them being the Eternal Sacred Land.

“If this is how all of you think,” the forefather intoned in a low voice, “you’ll be in for a big surprise.”

“Come on, Forefather. I think we shouldn’t worry so much about such unlikely events. Our army is obviously at an advantage, and the spirit herb fields will be ours before long. I don’t believe a few formations will be enough to stop our iron m...

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