Chapter 1833: A Base of Spirit Herbs

Taking Starfate, it took roughly three days for Jiang Chen to arrive at Martial Divine Nation. According to the venerated forefather, Martial Divine Nation was on friendly terms with Eternal Divine Nation. The two sacred lands often held exchanges or even arranged marriages with each other.

Martial Divine Nation respected Eternal Divine Nation like an older brother. That was why the forefather had suggested Jiang Chen pick it as his destination.

The political order in Martial Divine Nation was similar to that of Eternal Divine Nation. The sacred land held the reigns of power, and there were many subordinate sects and aristocratic families.

There was a divine realm forefather in the Martial Sacred Land, but the same went for the rebellion. The two forefathers were neck and neck, and their duel was gridlocked.

However, things were different on the lower levels. The rebellion army was quite formidable...

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