Chapter 1832: Extraordinary Gains

The Vermilion Bird would’ve scoffed at another human youth, but Jiang Chen’s words rang in its ears. The bird couldn’t help but take them seriously.

“I agree with young master Chen, Old Brother Vermilion.” Long Xiaoxuan observed from the side. “I also think your behavior’s been a bit abnormal lately.”

The divine spirit creature broke out in a cold sweat. “I have been too hasty then.” It nodded.

Jiang Chen chuckled, then snapped a finger. “Don’t let that get you down, friend. We have a vault to raid. Come on, let’s see what goodies there are for us to take.”

The Eternal Sacred Land’s vaults were incredibly well stocked. Their splendor was almost dizzying to the eye.

Having seen spirit herb vaults ten times richer in his previous life, Jiang Chen was the calmest of the trio. Conversely, Long Xiaoxuan was the most excited. The dragon’s eyes lit up. “Young master Chen, can we really take anything here?”

Dragons were naturally inclined to hoard treasure....

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