Chapter 1831: Signs of Internal Demons

Having received a clean answer from Jiang Chen, the venerated forefather willingly handed him the written order.

The young man put it away into his belongings without much ceremony. He hadn’t seen the spirit herb vault here yet; it was sure to be one of the best in Myriad Abyss, with a commensurately rich store of materials. Jiang Chen rather looked forward to it.

Returning to his residence, he beckoned to his companions excitedly. “Old Brother Vermilion, Brother Long, are you interested in raiding some supplies?”

“Raiding what supplies, exactly?” the Vermilion Bird asked lazily.

“The spirit herb vault here in the Eternal Sacred Land. How about it? Are you interested?” Jiang Chen tossed the order into the air, his tone enticing like he was luring little children.

Long Xiaoxuan’s eyes lit up. “The spirit herb vault? The one here? I want to go. Why would I not?”

The Vermilion Bird chuckled. It glanced at Long Xiaoxuan with a look that belied its opinionthe dragon was still too young and simple.

Long Xiaoxuan voiced its mild displeasure. “Just tell me...

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