Chapter 1830: A New Mission

The Vermilion Bird was still in closed door cultivation. It was determined to ascend to godhood. Jiang Chen speculated that it wouldn’t end its cultivation until then.

To his surprise, the bird emerged on the second day after Jiang Chen’s breakthrough. It hadn’t reached divinity yet. 

“Young Master Chen, I’ve improved myself in all aspects to the best of my ability. Now I just need the final push. The sacred land is a great cultivation ground with abundant spirit energy, but it doesn’t suit my purpose. I want to return to Hell King Island, which will be most conducive to my ascension.”

Jiang Chen readily agreed. “Attaining godhood is a crucial matter. I wholeheartedly support any decisions you make.”

The more powerful the bird was, the better. After all, the divine beasts were his closest and mightest companions. Their strength was his asset.

“The sacred land is about done with tying up loose ends,...

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