Chapter 1829: Fifth Level Empyrean

Jiang Chen didn’t have Elder Shun depart immediately. Instead, he checked on the elder’s crippled meridians. They still had a chance to be restored. He decided to keep the elder here for a while to fix the latter’s meridians and restore his power. Strength in martial dao was crucial to survival in Myriad Abyss.

Hope sparked up in Elder Shun’s ashen heart upon hearing that he could be treated.

Through perseverance, Jiang Chen ended up achieving the improbable feat of repairing Elder Shun’s meridians. Although he couldn’t restore the elder’s cultivation instantaneously, the elder would be able to find his way back to his peak in a year or two.

“Elder Shun, this is a Crowning Empyrean Pill. It can unconditionally advance an empyrean cultivator up a level.”

“Crowning Empyrean Pill?” Elder Shun started. “Didn’t the sacred land say it’s still in development?‘

Jiang Chen smiled. “I can refine it anytime.”


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