Chapter 1828: A Magnanimous Elder Shun

Jiang Chen had no qualms about putting some pressure on House Yan. He trusted that even Yan Wanjun and his grandchildren would support him in this.

The House Yan of today wasn’t the same as it’d been in the distant past. It needed discipline and correction to teach it penitence and remorse for its past follies and ignorance. 

Having made his demands, he had no plans to stay. The Yan patriarch tried his best to keep Jiang Chen, inviting him to a banquet shortly thereafter.

For what reason would he accept though? He knew what House Yan wanted. The banquet’s only purpose was an attempt at repairing their relations and express contrition.

Jiang Chen didn’t intend to accept their apology so quickly. What House Yan needed was a good thrashing. Maybe then they would remember the mistakes they’d once made.

Why had House Yan been so loyal to House Xiahou in the past? Because the latter had been vicious in its strikes against the former.

Why else had House Yan been so dogged? They’d had plenty of chances to join the sacred land’s side, but ended up an accomplice to House...

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