Chapter 1827: Harsh Blowback

The news of Shao Yuan’s visit on the Eternal Sacred Land’s behalf conflicted all the hearts within House Yan. A sense of impending judgment filled the air.

Many remembered their neglect of the young genius during his stay. Now, the young man was completely out of their league. He was received with all due pomp and ostentation. After all, he could very well decide their continued survival.

Jiang Chen had thought about a lot before coming to House Yan. He arrived at his current decision after some serious consideration. He needed to maintain a perfectly upright posture before House Yan, to inject as much arrogance as possible.

Naturally, the Yan patriarch and several dozens of the house’s executives stood outside House Yan’s estate to receive him personally, giving him the grandest welcome possible.

Jiang Chen and the sacred land’s men made a grand, triumphant return to his former place of stay. He didn’t particularly enjoy the feeling though. That wasn’t why he was here.

“House Yan is honored by your illustrious visit, Sir...

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