Chapter 1826: Shao Yuan, Jiang Chen!

News of the venerated forefather breaking free was powerful impetus for the sacred land army. Though its members were already in high spirits, they felt the last vestige of their worries melt away.

Now that the venerated forefather was back, what could House Xiahou’s divine forefather do?

Only the venerated forefather was the true foremost expert in Eternal Divine Nation. An undisputed totem and god of protection!

“Duke Xiaoyao, meet your maker!” Saying this, the first prime touched a point in space with a weapon that looked like a willow branch. In the next instant, it turned into thousands of twirling tendrils that filled the air.

Duke Xiaoyao was as still as an inanimate statue. It was as if his soul had been sucked out. He made no move to resist the first prime’s attack.

Jiang Chen’s news was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It utterly crushed any remaining will he had left to fight. There was no question as to the battle’s conclusion now.

The tendrils transformed into streaks of light that wrapped...

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