Chapter 1825: The Dust About to Settle

An alarming possibility occurred to Yan Wanxi. He was paralyzed with dismay; the more he thought about it, the stranger things seemed.

The person who’d voiced his suspicions murmured as well. “Can this be true? Is Shao Yuan really Jiang Chen from the human domain?”

“What did you say?” The Yan patriarch was just as astonished as his kinsman. Everyone in House Yan knew what had happened to Yan Qinghuang. They were aware that her Generation Binding Curse had been lifted by a youth in the human domain called Jiang Chen.

Furthermore, she had fallen deeply in love with that youth. This was the reason for her intense sadness upon her return. But to say that Shao Yuan was one and the same was far too crazy.

The inhabitants of Myriad Abyss knew what level the human domain was at right now. No one would deign to visit it in the first place.

According to rumor, there were barely any empyrean experts there, and they all...

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