Chapter 1824: House Yan Trembles

The argument between the three sides raged on and on.

One of their venerated elders had left, while the other cared nothing for clan affairs. As a result, members of lower ranks suddenly had more of a voice, one of whom was Elder Xi, the one sent to the human domain. He was a devoted supporter of House Xiahou.

He’d visited the human domain to curry favor with House Xiahou. Afterwards, the house had approached him and promised to make him one of House Yan’s venerated elders.

Before Yan Wanjun’s departure and Yan Wanchong’s change of attitude, Elder Xi hadn’t been experienced or well-respected enough to become a venerated elder. However, after the uprising broke out, he was promoted as a special case via instructions from House Xiahou. 

The house argued that while Elder Xi wasn’t advanced enough in martial dao, he was a competent and efficient man. He could always take time to improve his strength, while his problem-solving ability...

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