Chapter 1823: Encircled On All Sides

Jiang Chen was having a good time chilling on the sides as the battle was way above his level. He therefore retreated far out of the way once he’d paved the road to victory for the Vermilion Bird.

He was certain Senior Vermilion would gain the upper hand, but whether it’d be able to kill the forefather would depend on luck. After all, the forefather was a divine cultivator. A god’s rise and fall were both monumental on the Divine Abyss Continent.

His speculation was proven right. The Vermilion Bird held the upper hand, but the forefather was strong enough to stay alive.

Three days passed...

The bird had no troubles with the prolonged fight, while the forefather struggled to keep up. Him being kept from his clan was the worst thing that could happen to House Xiahou.

Another three days passed...

The forefather had exhausted all options, but still wasn’t able to escape from his opponent.

On the sixth day, the sacred land finally broke into House Xiahou’s fortress.

At first, the clan...

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