Chapter 1821: Return of the Divine Cultivators

“Your Grace, a large group of experts have gathered at the southwestern formation nexus. It seems they are going to mount a full-scale assault. Please send reinforcements.”

“Your Grace, House Beigong and House Feng’s experts are attacking the formation in the northwest. We’ve never seen such numbers before!”

“Your Grace, the northeastern corner…”

Bad news fluttered in from all over. Everyone in House Xiahou’s headquarters was ashen with despair, the Cloudwave Sect head and Tian patriarch included. They had the extremely bad feeling that the incoming wave was only the beginning of the sacred land’s comprehensive counterattack. The most frenzied battles were yet to come.

When one formation nexus was broken, the entire formation that protected the fortress would be affected. This was a serious problem that would quickly lead to cascading effects. 

It was impossible for House Xiahou to defend every corner...

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