Chapter 182: Miss Dan Fei Actually Rifled Through the Trash

Chapter 182: Miss Dan Fei Actually Rifled Through the Trash

“Miss, did you need me for something?” Aunt Lan was diligently cleaning away when Dan Fei called for her.

“Aunt Lan, did you clean this place up?”

The diligent Aunt Lan said quite proudly, “I started cleaning as soon as the guests left. The front yard has already been swept once. Does miss think it’s not clean enough? If so, I’ll go over it again.”

Aunt Lan was without a doubt, the epitome of hard work. Dan Fei had hired her because of this diligence. But today, she’d worked too quickly and wrecked Dan Fei’s affairs.

Dan Fei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Did you see a pill bottle about this size?”

“Pill bottle? What’s that?” Aunt Lan was completely bewildered. A pill bottle was too high class an item for a cleaner like her, so she’d never heard of it.

“Just a small bottle with something inside.”

Aunt Lan slapped her thigh, “Oh, I think I picked up something like that. I threw it into the trash pile. Miss, was it something useful?”

Dan Fei shot out like an arrow when she heard the words “trash pile”.

Aunt Lan stared off into space for a good while, completely befuddled.

Dan Fei was pinching her nose next to...

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