Chapter 1819: The Vermilion Bird Flourishes Its Might

Forefather Xiahou couldn’t believe that the imperial forefather would just leave like that.

“Wait, fellow daoist!” His attempt to stop the imperial forefather was met with resounding silence. The man didn’t even turn around.

Forefather Xiahou’s heart sank. Without the other forefather’s help, it was next to impossible for him to maintain the sealing formation on his own. If the sacred land’s forefather escaped, the Xiahou forefather would be the first to fall victim. The sacred land’s forefather was much more powerful than he was.

He was beside himself with anger, but there was nothing he could do. Staring at the formation, he agonized over his options. Should he retreat, or stay to hang doggedly on??

He’d already been anxious when receiving Duke Xiaoyao’s message. He also wasn’t sure what was happening inside the formation now. Had the...

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