Chapter 1818: Two Great Forefathers

Duke Xiaoyao was in a bind.

Without the two divine forefathers, could House Xiahou’s fortress really hold? Despite his customary arrogance, the duke wasn’t be optimistic about his chances.

“You must make a decision, Your Grace,” the Tian patriarch urged.

The Cloudwave Sect head nodded as well. “Please do. We need to tell the two forefathers about what happened here, at least. They don’t even know about any of it, right?”

“Yes, the matter is too important to ignore. The two forefathers must be informed immediately. What decision they make with the information is up to them,” the Tian patriarch affirmed.

Evidently, the two men didn’t believe that House Xiahou could effect much change on its ownonly the two divine experts could do that.

Duke Xiaoyao guessed at what his two supporters were thinking. If he refused their suggestion, even these two would waver. The situation was too dire to allow for much else.

After musing a few moments, he nodded. “Alright, I...

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