Chapter 1817: The Imperial Family Destructs, House Xiahou Remains Stubborn

Now that the spirit herb vault was back in the sacred land’s grasp, the second prime’s wounds were quickly treated. After hearing the decisive turn that Jiang Chen had effected, the recuperating prime discarded any lingering suspicions he might have harbored. Now, more than ever, he realized the true extent of the young man’s capabilities.

Under the command of the sacred land, the other factions pointed their spears against the rebels after a brief respite.

In only a few days, the counter-insurgent army swept through the capital and surrounded it. Though the imperial family had a few true believers left, many of their past adherents turned against them because of the way things were heading. Only the most rabid of supporters still resisted.

Because of this, the imperial family’s resistance was largely pointless. The palace fell in less than half a day.

The emperor struggled vainly with the protection...

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