Chapter 1815: The Alliance Crumbles

The first tempted was the head of the Starlight Sect. He had previously thought he was on a path of no return, but Jiang Chen’s words changed his mind.

The imperial family and House Xiahou had failed to demonstrate complete superiority over the sacred land. Did the Starlight Sect really have to follow these losers to their demise?

It was almost as if Jiang Chen could see what the sect leader was thinking. “Sect Head.” He smiled serenely. “Ah Hong from your sect was key to my infiltration. He’s been displeased about the imperial family and House Xiahou’s rebellion all along. He also told me of his peers being oppressed in the alliance.

“I can pardon the Starlight Sect’s past offenses on the sacred land’s behalf. As long as you and yours leave the alliance and cease aiding the forces of evil, the sacred land guarantees your safety. If you are willing to assist the sacred land in quelling this rebellion, you will be rewarded handsomely! Whether you are friend or foe is entirely up to y...

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