Chapter 1814: The Presence of a Sovereign

It was too late for the emperor to diffuse the situation. Words weren’t enough to quell disgruntlement in a group once hearts had swayed.

“Your Majesty, these words are a bit too late now. If everyone had been truly united and selfless at the inception of the alliance, we wouldn’t be here today. You started out having factions like us lead the charge. We bore the brunt of the battles, while you two played spectator and reaped all the benefits. 

“It was as if the alliance was solely our responsibility and none of yours. And now what? You regret it now? It’s too late! The sacred land has rebounded from their lowest point. You didn’t work together with us to vanquish them when they were at their weakest. We’ve lost our window to defeat them!”

The head of the Starlight Sect couldn’t contain his fury; anger had flooded his tone. His sect had suffered too heavy a sacrifice. They’d lost almost a third of their elites—an immense toll.

Factions in a similar position included...

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