Chapter 1813: The Alliance Panics

The Vermilion Bird listened to Jiang Chen’s every order. It strengthened its aura and rained down even more relentless attacks on Forefather Calmdew.

The pressure on the forefather grew significantly. The bird’s might could rival a god, and its attacks could shake heaven and earth. The forefather could barely keep himself upright in the face of its unrestrained assault.

An endless sea of fire enveloped him, broiling his body and tearing apart his soul. He knew he couldn’t win this fight, but he didn’t even have the chance to escape under the bird’s suppression.

Finally, an agonized scream rang through the flames as the bird devoured him whole, leaving neither his body nor soul behind.

The alliance immediately fell apart. All of the rebels lost their will after witnessing the forefather’s death.

Jiang Chen leaped into the air with his Holy Dragon Bow raised and declared, “Kneel and surrender, or die on your feet!”

The Vermilion Bird flapped its wings,...

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