Chapter 1810: Locking Onto Enemy Intelligence

House Xiahou was equally displeased about the imperial family’s forcefulness. It had its own ambitions: to replace the Eternal Sacred Land, not to help the imperial family grasp absolute power.

Even if the imperial family were allowed to rule on the surface, the house’s profits and initiatives had to be guaranteed behind the curtain.

But the actions of the former made that seem rather unlikely. The imperial family was attempting to steal authority for its own, as well as diminish House Xiahou’s contributions. And now, they were actively picking a fight! Naturally, Xiahou Zhen was quite upset. Correspondingly, he dispensed with courtesy in his tone.

Forefather Calmdew became more wary of Xiahou Zhen when he heard the latter’s rudeness. “These people’s symptoms indicate that they’ve been poisoned with the Soulless Powder of Wind and Cloud,” he said coolly. “You should know that better than me, Xiahou Zhen.”


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