Chapter 1809: A Strange Situation

With the Millionditch Stonenest as cover, the Goldbiter Rats didn’t have to go aboveground in large numbers to deploy the poison, preventing them from being discovered.

Everyone was in high spirits, their attention focused on the principals as they took in their orders and pep talk.

The imperial family had really gone all-out this time. The first wave of attackers was promised a great deal of rewards, which greatly incentivized many of them. At the same time the rewards were a statement that the sacred land was no more. The imperial family was the ruler of the nation, and the only one that could bring fortune to everyone.

The pep talk didn’t last long, but it was enough to motivate the vanguard. They were pumped and ready to strike.

“The time is now! The sun is setting on the sacred land. This assault will destroy the last of its fort. We will be the heroes that change the course of the history and be forever remembered by generations to com...

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