Chapter 1808: Forefather Calmdew

Ah Hong had been won over by Jiang Chen’s tremendous charisma over the days. He’d gone from cold observation, to astonishment, then a slow integration. Now, he was fully impressed with the young man’s performance.

From start to finish, he felt pride at being more than an eyewitness. Perhaps following this Shao Yuan would lead to a much more exciting life than before.

Ah Hong had no intention of betraying the Starlight Sect, but he could see how much trouble the faction was currently in. It couldn’t guarantee its own safety. He only hoped he could preserve some of the sect’s heritage and hope through a different method.

“I have a presumptuous request, Sir Shao.”

“What, pray tell?” Jiang Chen smiled.

“If… if your plan succeeds, and the Soulless Powder of Wind and Cloud takes everyone out, could you… spare those from the Starlight Sect…?” Ah Hong’s voice became rather quiet as his sentence went on.

Jiang Chen laughed. “That’s...

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