Chapter 1807: The Day of the Final Assault

Ziju Min made an unexpected offer. “First Prime, I request to meet up with Shao Yuan. I’m interested in what his plans are, and whether he has more news regarding the outside world.”

The first prime was quite pleased with the elder’s initiative. “I trust your abilities implicitly, Elder Ziju.” She nodded. “Still, make sure to take care out there. We will wait for your successful return.”


In area sixteen, Jiang Chen was frantically preparing for the coordinated attack. He was roused, rather than restless after hearing the news. He had the feeling that this was a grand opportunity.

If he could make use of it, this might very well be the turning point in the entire war.

“Young master Chen, why did you refine so much Soulless Powder of Wind and Cloud? Can you be…” The Vermilion Bird looked thoughtful.

“Heh, you’ll find out in due time.” A crooked grin hung at the corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth.

In addition to refining the powder, the young man spent each day studying the sacred...

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