Chapter 1806: Contention in the Sacred Land

It was evident that Shao Yuan had become a controversial figure for the senior executives of the sacred land. He’d gone missing when the faction fell into chaos, which gave those who’d been jealous of him the perfect opportunity to attack. His absence had further fueled the criticism against him and gave rise to many baseless accusations.

Some called him a deserter who bent whichever the wind blew. Others claimed he’d been planted by the alliance to create friction within the sacred land.

The three primes didn’t acknowledge their theories, while Ziju Min took a firm stand to defend the young man. As of late, he’d had many arguments centered around the genius.

Derision and criticism had been levied at him, but he continued to support Jiang Chen without wavering. He firmly believed that someone as loyal and committed as Shao Yuan had no reason to betray the sacred land. The senior executives who suspected him knew nothing...

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